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August 2010 Skateboard Blog Post

Bundle up Wookiee-Style to Skate on Planet Hoth If your passion for skateboarding takes yo to locales with sub-zero weather, I can't think of a more stylish way to keep the heat than a fury-as-all-hell Chewbacca coat!
Adidas Wookiee Jacket
For Star Wars geeks and Sci-fi nuts who need to survive cold climates, like George Lucas' planet, Hoth, Ya gotta have a Wookie Jacket from Adidas! Am I right? fuck yeah!

I have not found any ordering info anywhere, so I suspect this hairy coat is due for release sometime this Fall. There is some Star Wars stuff on the Adidas site, but no mention of Wookiee jackets. Keep an eye out for it because they'll go fast and are likely in limited production. The cool stuff always is.

Always eager to learn random useless facts... I now know that "Wookiee" is spelled with two 'E's.Live & learn and may the force be with you... in your quest for fashion.

9/1/10 update: The Wookiee coat has shown up on the Adidas web site and is listed as the "Star Wars Manager's Coat". Use "star wars" as a keyword in their search and you'll find it. Here's a rear-view of the Chewbacca Wookiee coat

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