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May 2017 Skateboard Blog Post

Would you watch Jaws on a huge outdoor screen while floating in an inner-tube? Jaws On The Water Jaws On The Water is an outdoor showing of Jaws on a huge drive-in sized screen. Unlike, a drive-in the seating at this event is in tune with the movie. Held at a water park, you float in an inner-tube as you watch the film.

At first glance, I thought this was a phenomenal idea. It seemed even better when I discovered the location was at a water park and the ticket includes some time to explore and enjoy the water park before the film.

Then it occurred to me, that I'd rather be sitting in my car at a drive-in. Drive-ins are iconic, rare and a lot of fun. Best of all... no one will pee in my car. While floating in a large pool full of movie-goers, I can't guarantee everyone will use a restroom as needed. The tagline to this event says it will test your fear of sharks. It might test my fear of sitting in urine.

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