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Kodak is trying to bring back the Super-8 film format and is eyeing skateboarding I loved the Bones Brigade videos of the 1980s. Bringing skateboarding from the parks and streets into homes via VHS was a boon to the sport and intensified the celebrity of those appearing in them. Stars were born via video as they were able to showcase their skills to huge audiences.

I remember an interview with Tony Hawk where he was discussing the evolution of desktop video and how it was enabling him to make skateboard videos in a whole new way. The Video Toaster from Newtek brought amazing technology to computers used in homes. Desktop publishing was changing the way people could present information and the same shift was coming to video. Today we don't thing twice about sharing video to the masses from our phones, but back in the day, video was a tricky proposition and those who excelled at it could ride the wave further and reach more eyes.

Kodak Super-8 Skateboarding Kodak has reintroduced the Super-8 format that was popular in the 60s and 70s. Occasionally, one finds a filmmaker who uses this format to create a tone. Kodak wants to bring this to more filmers and has a new camera and development process for the modern era.

I recently received an email from Kodak that targets skateboarding as a logical outlet for Super-8 filming. I'm a big fan of retro technology and love to see it surface in new ways. Kodak is doing just that!

I'm interested to see if some of the skate companies will give Super-8 a try and incorporate it into their next release. I'd love to see this, but the internet has ruined the former concept of skateboard videos. It used to be a 30 to 60 minute film showcasing the company's riders. These days, video is released in tiny chunks. Apparently few skaters want to sit down and watch a long-format skate film. They seem to watch snippets on tiny phone screens via tube sites.

Perhaps something like Kodak's Super-8 resurgence can bring back the idea of putting down the phones and watching a cinematic capture of skateboarding. One can hope. Bring back the glory of skateboard videos!

Kodak Super-8 Skateboarding

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