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2011 Archive of Skateboard Blogs

Below is the archive of random skateboard thoughts that crossed my mind in 2011.

2011 Skate the Planet Skateboard Blog Archive

December 2011

Nut-crunching Snow-Bikes signal the start of Winter. Here's a smart alternative Bikini girl with a snow bike That's a nice sled. I mean, bike. No, snowboard.
Hey, what the fuck is that thing?

We've always called them snow bikes without really knowing exactly what they are, but clearly they have bicycle handlebars for steering and are designed for snow. Hence; Snow Bike... although we could be wrong.

Finally a snow-bike with NO seat! Hooray!!

Whatever you may call them, they begin the Winter season of nut crunching. We've deemed this wintery time of year as nut-crunching season because so many of these arctic hill bombers have SEATS. This always made me cringe. I'm not sure what possessed so many manufacturers to put a seat on a device that so obviously delivers spills galore.

We're delighted to see a seatless snow bike paired with a bikini-cld girl in snow boots. Good marketing! Go buy one and enjoy your nuts for another day...

November 2011

Sector 9 debuts the Whale Wars skateboards featuring that kick-ass Sea Shepherd logo Sea Shepherd jolly roger logo Whether you're down with saving whales or not, you have to admit the Sea Shepherd's Jolly Roger logo is pretty badass - much like the Shepherds themselves. Might make for a cool skate graphic... You're in luck!

Sector 9 has teamed up with the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society for 3 different boards to suit a variety of needs & terrains. The Sea Shepherd's eco-friendly message is conveyed in the custom designs for each deck. Each board represents a cause of the Shepherds.

For me, the appeal of these boards comes from the raw nature of the Sea Shepherd's determination to stop illegal whaling. If you haven't seen Whale Wars, check it out on Animal Planet. These folks are not passive awareness messengers. They have a message and the convey it in a gloriously bold fashion.

Deep in the Antarctic, they actively prevent illegal whaling via very physical means. From launching paint-bombs to fowling propellers, they don't sit on the sideline chanting. They are on the offensive and seemingly put fear in the whalers they track down.

The Sea Shepherd's attitude and practices are unlike any activist group I've heard of and very much like the ethos of skateboarding. If I were searching for empty pools or dealing with angry rent-a-cops at a skate spot - I'd gladly take it on with the Sea Shepherds. They are a great melding with skate culture and I hope their boards generate money and awareness. These guys are kick-ass! Sector 9 Sea Shepherd skateboard

Three models to choose from:
  • Eternal Mini - Sea Shepherd Skateboard (8.5" W x 27.5" L x 15.25" WB)
  • Jolly Roger Street Skate - Sea Shepherd Skateboard (8.0" W x 32.5" L x 14.0" WB)
  • Sea No Evil Pintail - Sea Shepherd Skateboard (9.0" W x 38.0" L x 26.75" WB)

Check out the Sector 9 Sea Shepherd skateboards, read up on the Sea Shepherd's mission and watch Whale Wars on Animal Planet!
No more Metallica and AC/DC shirts: Beavis & Butthead get a fashion upgrade from Stussy Beavis and Butthead apparel from Stussy Since Mike Judge has brough everyone's favorite losers back to TV, Stussy has released Beavis & Butthead's renown images on t-shirts with a twist. The color scheme remains, but Stussy has gussied up the do in their own logo shirts. Gone are the Metallica and AC/DC shrts, which have been replaced with the Stussy logo.

So, class-up your wardrobe with the newer cleaner Beavis & Buthead apparel from Stussy! Beavis and Butthead apparel from Stussy
Skateable House Concept Makes Backyard Ramps Yesterday's News In days gone by backyard ramps were the focal point of many local sessions. Anyone fortunate enough to have one was the hero of the neighborhood... and likely the recipient of lawsuits from neighbors. In today's world, the outdoor ramp sits idle through rain and snow. The skateboard house, however, is open for business day and night 24/7.

a House in Which Every Surface Is Skateable Architect Francois Perrin was approached by Vans founder, Pierre-André Senizergues, a former professional skateboarder who wanted a house in which every surface was skateable. I'm sure you can envision floors that sweep into walls with insane transition, but it didn't end there. EVERY surface was to be skateable! Built in seating, book shelves... well, the whole damn place did double duty as boxes, ledges and grindable terrain.

The idea grew around the idea of a "livable half-pipe". They weren't talking about bums slumbering under roll-out decks - they wanted to make a completely skateable house.

"We're not putting furniture into a skate ramp, and we're not bringing skate elements into a house. From the beginning, it's something designed as this hybrid structure. The challenge was finding that balance between both: being technically skateable but also being a house and livable."

Coming to the project with a skater's eye for architecture helped move the project along as skaters have a knack for recognizing the perfect outdoor structures for skating. The very thing that makes a skate spot a "skate spot" is what helped form the elements that went into creating a skateboard-ready house.

I'd love to hear more about the exterior... I'm pretty sure the roof has tons of skateable potential!

completely skateable  House

October 2011

How Many Billions Were Served Here? The new golden arches of service...

Billions served at these golden arches- I'm Loving It McDonalds

September 2011

Skate Moss Brand Blades-Up Your Stilettos for Rink-Minded Fetishists I came across the phrase "Skate Moss" and it evoked thoughts of a Kate Moss signature skate shoe. This seemed highly unlikely, but what else could it be, right?
Kate Moss
Apparently, this is not the case. In fact the "skate" reference is closer to the ice variety (or so it seems), not skateboarding. But all is not lost. Even if you're not down with fetish hockey or dominatrix figure skating, you have to admit that this funky boot is pretty sick.

The best part for those wondering, "What the fuck is this thing - a boot or a skate?"
It's a figure skate inspired boot with rubber soles made by DSquared2. They're only slightly more useless at the rink as on a flight of stairs.
Skate Moss boots
Either way at nearly $1,500 a pair, we doubt you'll see too many women stumbling around in a set of these wacky kicks unless your local dominatrix gets fashion-forward during the Stanley Cup playoffs.

Realizing theres not connection to skateboard shoes, I'm still wondering how Kate Moss feels about these kicks.

Slip on your Vans, go skate and be glad you don't have to suffer a sesh in these crazy boots. Skate Moss boots
Santa Cruz Goes Big in Springfield With the Simpsons Bart Model Cruzer Skateboard Skateboarding runs the gambit when it comes standard, normal or expected. Art and skateboarding become intertwined in so many aspects of skating and every time I turn around Santa Cruz comes out with something crazy - crazy fucking good! Some will look at the Simpson's board series as novelty; others will see through that and declare it genius.
Bart Simpson skateboarding
The fact that they made a whole Simpsons series from an oddball-shaped Homer deck to a Duff's pintail is cool as hell. Replicating Bart's board is pure genius!

Measuring in at 8.9x27, the Bart model comes with OJ 60mm 78A Hot Juice Wheels and Bullet B147 Trucks.

Everyone should have the opportunity to ride Bart's board. Go get one NOW! Santa Cruz Simpsons Bart Model Cruzer Skateboard Santa Cruz Simpsons Bart Model Cruzer Skateboard

June 2011

Paris Hilton Copies Dyrdek for Another Hilton-esque Altered Reality Show Reality star, Paris Hilton wound up on the front of the New York Times Arts section to promote her new reality show on the Oxygen Network. I'm sure all 8 viewers will be dilighted. I'm not sure if I even get that channel. What is it - channel 742 or something?

The NYT story about "The World According to Paris" displayed this photo of Ms. Hilton and a mini horse.
Paris Hilton promoting her new reality show with a mini horse Someone should let Paris know that Rob Dyrdek already did the "mini horse" thing a few years back on Rob & Big. She's pretty hot, but aren't reality shows going a little deeper than wealthy blondes randomly spending money and proudly sporting the sluttiest club dress?

May 2011

Lindsay Lohan Accessorizes Action Sports for Summer, Prison-style When it comes to Summer style and action sports, Lindsay Lohan has cornered the market with a stylish parolee ankle bracelet. I lack her savvy for fashion but I'm pretty sure an electronic parolee anklet doesn't go well with heels & bikinis.

Lindsay Lohan surfing ankle bracelet Why the Hell wouldn't she insist on a tighter crop on these pics?!? And whatever happened to that cute chick who was just a movie star?
Harpers Goes Skate Harpers Goes Skate Apparently Tony Hawk's 12-year-old was contacted about a photo shoot for Harpers with a mystery guest.

This never happened to me at 12... still doesn't!

April 2011

Santa Cruz Gets Charitable with Jacob's Heart Decks Santa Cruz Jacobs Heart deck From the website...
Jacob's Heart Children's Cancer Support Services mission is to improve the quality of life for children with cancer and support their families in the challenges they face.

We are a local, one-of-kind grassroots organization. Our support services extend to families with children under 18 diagnosed with cancer within the counties of Santa Cruz, Monterey, San Benito and South Santa Clara.

It all started with little Jacob and his family. At just five years old, Jacob was diagnosed with cancer; in an instant life changed forever.

From the NHS website...

Look for the "Purple Screaming Hand" at your local shop to help a kid who isn't as lucky as you are - you're in a skate shop not a hospital.
Santa Cruz Jacobs Heart deck
Happy Easter - Pound Some Beers and Paint Some Eggs Sexy Easter Bunny Sexy Easter Bunny

March 2011

Porn Star Sandee Westgate Models Young & Reckless Brand Clothing Sandee Westgate modeling Young and Reckless brand Boosting brand awareness in the punk/sk8 clothing market can be a challenge with so many brands vying for customers. Young & Reckless evened out the odds with porn star Sandee Westgate modeling their wares. Great choice! Sandee Westgate modeling Young and Reckless brand
You have to love a company bold enough to up the ante and use a model from the adult industry. Going with Sandee's star power is a welcome change to all the random bikini-models seen in most advertising. Sandee Westgate modeling Young and Reckless brand
Check out our small stash of Sandee Westgate images.

February 2011

Skateboard Lesson I can't emphasize enough that skateboarding should be taught at an early age by a qualified teacher. It's the best way to learn all sorts of things...
Skateboard Lesson
Happy Valentine's Day - Buy Her a Skateboard! Buy her a Skateboard for Valentine's Day She doesn't need more cheap jewelry. And no woman wants to wear the same lame "heart pendant" that every other chick got from their boyfriend, husband or whatever.

Won't she look snazzy during dinner wearing the identical cheap necklace as every other girl at the [insert lame restaurant] Valentine buffet?

Trust us - she'd rather have a skateboard for Valentine's Day than a meal at Red Lobster with all the other V-day losers and their matching heart pendants.
Buy her a Skateboard for Valentine's Day

Skate hard - Ride harder!
I Really Don't Like Football I'll watch an occasional football game and I admit to liking the commercials that run during the Superbowl, but generally speaking I view football as over-paid guys playing a game I dismissed in middle school. Who needs it.

Skateboarding on the other hand is a complete passion. From riding, watching sk8 vids and keeping up with the industry online - I love every second of it. So leave it to me to get recognition for one fucking statement about Football during the Australian Open Tennis Tournament that somehow gets posted on a fucking sports site.

Twitter Sports tweet about Tennis

Packers Girl I guess I'll get over it, but I'm a skater, dammit! Now I feel labeled by one damn twitter post. I'll be more carful when making Football tie-ins during tennis matches. On the other hand, this gal, makes me feel much better about sitting through the Superbowl.
Happy Groundhog's Day! According to folklore, if it's cloudy when the groundhog emerges, it will leave the burrow and winter will soon end. If it is sunny, the groundhog will see its shadow and winter will continue for six more weeks.
groundhog sexy shadow silhouette

I guess this cloudy day means winter is over. Works for me - random rodents are as likely to predict the weather as any meteorologist!

January 2011

Porn Star Melanie Rios Throws Down a Sk8 Tweet Slowly the proof rolls in that porn stars, like Melanie Rios, do indeed skateboard. In fact social media sites reveal they a lot more than make adult movies!

Porn Star Melanie Rios Throws Down a Sk8 Tweet

Yeah, I know. Melanie probably went roller skating...
We can dream a little, can't we?!?
Top 10 Skateboarders & Top 100 Pornstars After examining this list of the top 10 Pro skateboarders, I discovered something...
  • 1. Rodney Mullen
  • 2. Tony Hawk
  • 3. Ryan Sheckler
  • 4. Bam Margera
  • 5. Chris Cole
  • 6. Paul Rodriguez
  • 7. Chris Haslam
  • 8. Danny Way
  • 9. Mike Vallely
  • 10. Daewon Song

...the list of Top 100 pornstars was far more interesting and equally biased.

nearly all Top Anything lists are subjective and bear little more than popular oppinion - there's no science or measurable statistical info.

It's as simple as saying Bam Margera is a damn good skater and Jenna Haze can do some unimaginable things with her body. Still we all like to measure things even if we have little accuracy in doing so.

Skateboard pornstar Jenna Haze

Bam's fun to watch, be it his Jackass antics or his skating, but Jenna Haze is equally captivating when working her craft. Like watcha like and then go watch some porn - after you skate.
    The Fame Registery revises the
    Top 100 Pornstars each month:

  • 1. Jenna Haze (Last Month # 1)
  • 2. Jesse Jane (Last Month # 2)
  • 3. Sunny Leone (Last Month # 4)
  • 4. Sara Jay (Last Month # 7)
  • 5. Nikki Benz (Last Month # 5)
  • 6. Lisa Ann (Last Month # 3)
  • 7. Eva Angelina (Last Month # 6)
  • 8. Tori Black (Last Month # 10)
  • 9. Sasha Grey (Last Month # 18)
  • 10. Nina Mercedez (Last Month # 8)
  • 11. Gina Lynn (Last Month # 11)
  • 12. Vicky Vette (Last Month # 9)
  • 13. Belladonna (Last Month # 12)
  • 14. Puma Swede (Last Month # 14)
  • 15. Sunny Lane (Last Month # 13)
  • 16. Jenaveve Jolie (Last Month # 15)
  • 17. Bree Olson (Last Month # 26)
  • 18. Jelena Jensen (Last Month # 20)
  • 19. Briana Banks (Last Month # 19)
  • 20. Alexis Texas (Last Month # 29)
  • 21. Lisa Sparxxx (Last Month # 17)
  • 22. Teagan Presley (Last Month # 16)
  • 23. Alektra Blue (Last Month # 23)
  • 24. Jessica Drake (Last Month # 25)
  • 25. Lela Star (Last Month # 22)
  • 26. Courtney Cummz (Last Month # 28)
  • 27. Tory Lane (Last Month # 24)
  • 28. Joanna Angel (Last Month # 21)
  • 29. Stormy Daniels (Last Month # 33)
  • 30. Janine Lindemulder (Last Month # 27)
  • 31. Kayden Kross (Last Month # 31)
  • 32. Monique Alexander (Last Month # 32)
  • 33. Ashlynn Brooke (Last Month # 30)
  • 34. Riley Steele (Last Month # 34)
  • 35. Shyla Stylez (Last Month # 42)
  • 36. Sophie Dee (Last Month # 37)
  • 37. Lexi Belle (Last Month # 41)
  • 38. Flower Tucci (Last Month # 36)
  • 39. Brooke Haven (Last Month # 39)
  • 40. Phoenix Marie (Last Month # 45)
  • 41. Lupe Fuentes (Last Month # 47)
  • 42. Kaylani Lei (Last Month # 38)
  • 43. Amy Reid (Last Month # 43)
  • 44. Jenny Hendrix (Last Month # 46)
  • 45. Jana Cova (Last Month # 35)
  • 46. Brittney Skye (Last Month # 40)
  • 47. Sinnamon Love (Last Month # 52)
  • 48. Abbey Brooks (Last Month # 50)
  • 49. Jada Fire (Last Month # 48)
  • 50. Charlie Laine (Last Month # 49)
  • 51. Priya Rai (Last Month # 66)
  • 52. Bobbi Eden (Last Month # 51)
  • 53. Kelly Divine (Last Month # 53)
  • 54. Dylan Ryder (Last Month # 54)
  • 55. Mika Tan (Last Month # 44)
  • 56. Charmane Star (Last Month # 57)
  • 57. Isis Taylor (Last Month # 58)
  • 58. Trina Michaels (Last Month # 62)
  • 59. Kylie Ireland (Last Month # 60)
  • 60. Hillary Scott (Last Month # 64)
  • 61. Kagney Linn Karter (Last Month # 59)
  • 62. Marie Luv (Last Month # 56)
  • 63. Jana Jordan (Last Month # 61)
  • 64. Dana DeArmond (Last Month # 63)
  • 65. Nautica Thorn (Last Month # 74)
  • 66. Aurora Snow (Last Month # 70)
  • 67. Charley Chase (Last Month # 67)
  • 68. Faye Reagan (Last Month # 68)
  • 69. Brooke Banner (Last Month # 75)
  • 70. Katja Kassin (Last Month # 76)
  • 71. Kirsten Price (Last Month # 96)
  • 72. Carmella Bing (Last Month # 72)
  • 73. Gianna Lynn (Last Month # 69)
  • 74. Mia Rose (Last Month # 65)
  • 75. Shawna Lenee (Last Month # 55)
  • 76. Raylene (Last Month # 73)
  • 77. Angel Vain (Last Month # 71)
  • 78. Zoe Britton (Last Month # 80)
  • 79. Austin Kincaid (Last Month # 87)
  • 80. Anita Dark (Last Month # 79)
  • 81. Savanna Samson (Last Month # 77)
  • 82. Roxy Jezel (Last Month # 78)
  • 83. Rebecca Linares (Last Month # 83)
  • 84. Angelina Valentine (Last Month # 84)
  • 85. Katsuni (Last Month # 85)
  • 86. Alexis Love (Last Month # 82)
  • 87. Jayme Langford (Last Month # 81)
  • 88. Monica Sweetheart (Last Month # 88)
  • 89. Krystal Steal (Last Month # 86)
  • 90. Monica Mayhem (Last Month # 89)
  • 91. Tyler Faith (Last Month # 90)
  • 92. Kimberly Kane (Last Month # 94)
  • 93. Crystal Klein (Last Month # 93)
  • 94. Raven Alexis (Last Month # 95)
  • 95. Audrey Bitoni (Last Month # 91)
  • 96. Sea J Raw (Last Month # 101)
  • 97. Gemma Massey (Last Month # 92)
  • 98. Alexis Ford (Last Month # 98)
  • 99. Tanya Tate (Last Month # )
  • 100. McKenzie Lee (Last Month # 100)

Happy New Year! Start the year right and GO SKATE!


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