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2012 Archive of Skateboard Blogs

Below is the archive of random skateboard thoughts that crossed my mind in 2012.

2012 Skate the Planet Skateboard Blog Archive

November 2012

Fryza wants to Kickstart skateboarding with 8bit flair and a good deal of carnage If you ever played games like Skate or Die on the Nintendo NES, then you will want to check out the Kickstarter campaign for Retro Skate.

Retro Skate by Fryza Fryza is the development company seeking funding for this kick ass retro inspired game. They bill themselves as a mobile dev company, but Retro Skate is to appear on several platforms including iPhone, iPad, Android, PC, Linux, Mac, & Ouya. They describe the game as a mix of Double Dragon, Extreme Skateboarding, and 8-Bit graphics. Sounds good to us! What's not to like?

We're looking forward to playing the Android version when we're away from the Ouya. Retro Skate is slated to release right around the time Ouya shakes up the console world. It's going to be an exciting time in gaming and Fryza's retro inspired skateboarding game is going to fit in perfectly!

Retro Skate by Fryza Here's an interview with Jason Brewer from Fryza talking about their upcoming game, Retro Skate.

Check out this vid for some behind-the-scenes info on who Fryza is and why they want to publish Retro Skate.

October 2012

Happy Halloween! Happy Halloween!

Thrasher - Happy Halloween
Rolling pizza delivery - Hot from the oven to your backyard ramp This is the only way to get pizza delivered!

Rolling pizza delivery
I want to be fabulous at her age too - and skating like a madman We should all be fabulous and skating at this age!

Age Well, skate hard, be fabulous

Age Well, skate hard, be fabulous!

September 2012

From skateboards to quinoa risotto, @arielRebel gives new meaning to Zesty & Spicy Ariel Rebel has a unique spirit about her. She's won numerous AVN and Xbiz awards for her solo-girl website that is actually an umbrella for several girls who all share similar talent (bust Ariels our fave). We've been longtime fans of Ariel with particular affection for her skateboard inspired photo shoots.

Ariel Rebel is our favorite zesty & spicy skater girl Ariel Rebel is our favorite zesty & spicy skater girl She has her own custom skateboard decks which may seem odd for someone in her position, but she's a pretty unique gal. If you follow Ariel Rebel on Twitter, you'll discover her penchant for tea, select TV shows and walking her dog. She's friendly, fun and full of ideas. She's not obsessed with the Adult Industry, she simply generates amazing content for it while her daily life spawns many different interests.

Aside from "doing naked" better than most in her line of work, she can tell you the inner workings of PhotoShop in French! Her entrepreneurial spirit led her to taking her career into her own hands from management to the technical aspects. From there she went to the kitchen.

Her cooking blog (Yes, this AVN and Xbiz award winner has a cooking blog) neatly details her passions in the kitchen. Cross referenced, with beautiful pictures, she details a variety of dishes she's prepared. The best part is her honesty carries over to this blog. She freely admits that all the recipes are in fact prepared by your favorite erotic starlet, Ariel Rebel! quinoa risotto by Ariel Rebel for zesty & spicy

You may know her best from her erotic Ariel Unplugged blog and official Ariel Rebel website, but you should also check out Ariel Rebel's Zesty & Spicy cooking blog!

August 2012

A Cape Cod co. is shaking up perceptions of "daily deal sites" by offering half-off deals on skateboard ramps, pipes & grindboxes Everyone knows Groupon and the myriad of 50% discounts they offer on everything from restaurants and boutiques to spa treatments and kayaking. This business model has spawned Daily Deal sites all across the country. Despite their popularity, most skaters aren't expecting to find a half-off skate ramp deal... until now.

Half Price Quarter Pipe from Frozen Waves Skate Ramps in Orleans, MA
Half Price Quarter Pipe from Frozen Waves Skate Ramps in Orleans, MA Cape Cod

The guys at Frozen Wave Skate Ramps, on Cape Cod, have three 50% Off skate ramp deals running for the next few days, on the Cape Cod Daily Deal. If you're in the Cape Cod or Boston, MA area and contemplating putting a half pipe in your yard or a quater pipe in the driveway - 50% off sure sounds good!

March 2012

Tired of basketball's March Madness? How about some Porn Madness from Mile High Media? Basketball bores me to tears and I dread all the cancelled TV shows during March Madness. The folks at Mile High Media seem to feel the same way and have put together some Porn Madness in the form of fan-voted pairings of porn stars vying for a spot in an upcoming porn release. Now THIS is my kind of marketing. Well done :)

The porn-bracket image below is fairly useless at this size, but give it a click to see the massive bracket of porn star pairings. Mile High Media presents The Erotic 8 - A social media sensation featuring an elimination tournament allowing fans to vote for their favorite porn stars and dream scenes on Twitter and Facebook. Mile High Media presents The Erotic 8
The final 8 porn star pairs, as voted on by fans, include:
  • Chanel Preston / Evan Stone
  • Nina Hartley / Deauxma
  • Brandy Aniston / Barry Scott
  • Alex Chance / James Deen
  • April O'Neil / Evelyn Lin
  • Kara Price / Manuel Ferrera
  • Annabelle Lee / Sinn Sage
  • Ash Hollywood / Xander Corvus
This is epicaly better than basketball!
Lyn-z has a limitless stash of gnar that she can release on a moment's notice Lyn-z Adams Hawkins Pastrana Most photos of women skating are either dreadful of so sexually charged, it's hardly relevant to skateboarding. Lyn-z on the other hand can pull off a sexy shot like this and drive home the intensity that is skateboarding. This is the kind of photo you show someone when you're trying to explain what skateboarding is all about.

Lyn-Z Adams Hawkins was born in San Diego and raised in Cardiff-by-the-Sea, California, although spent part of her childhood growing up in Sayulita, Mexico, just outside Puerto Vallarta. Her legal name is Lyndsey, and Adams is her middle name. She started using the nickname Lyn-Z in the 4th grade.
Is Sky Ferreira really Sk8 Ferreira? Skateboarding grants freedom

February 2012

Skateboarding grants freedom. Dare to be different - ride forever Skateboarding grants freedom
Madrid Skateboards gets hardcore about Breast Cancer awareness by going from boobies to tits Topless shoe clerk We've all seen the "Boobies" wristbands for breast cancer awareness. That coy notion of drawing additional interest by getting a tad sexual seems to have opened people's eyes and brought awareness and funding into stronger focus among more people. Topless shoe clerk

It would seem that the game is being stepped up to reenforce the prevalence of breast cancer, and the need for more research, with a more potent and catchy slogan: Save The Tits. How can you not stop and take notice? Everyone wants to save tits!

Madrid Skateboards is donating a portion of the profits from their 2012 Pink Ribbon Collaboration boards to breast cancer research. It's cool to see so many different groups coming together to rally around this cause. Skaters have always been creative, connected and determined.

Awareness is a powerful tool. The more people you have focused on your goal, even if it seems insurmountable, the more likely you are to succeed. It doesn't take much to get most people excited about tits, but its another thing to get funding for research. More voices equals more power!

Every voice can help and no effort is too small. Many small groups are linking up to do big things. Curing breast cancer is huge and takes commitment from as many folks as possible. Buy a Save the Tits board from Madrid and help support the cause. Ride hard - Save the tits!! Topless shoe clerk
Brick & Mortar retail often offer perks unobtainable online Clerks can often add value to the sale of ordinary goods...

Topless shoe clerk

"Those look great! Can I try a pair in a size 9?"
Porn star Jenna Haze retires from the adult industry An inconspicuous post on Jenna Haze's Twitter feed simply read, "Video:" with a link to her Tumblr acct. The video was her announcement to fans that she would no longer be in front of the cameras, but would still direct films.

I have to say this news was not well received at STP. Jenna Haze was one of the most amazing adult actresses with a decade-long career that revolutionized the boundaries of her industry. She will be greatly missed.

At the same time... she now has time to become the porn star skateboard pro we always knew she could be! ;)

Porn star Jenna Haze retires from the adult industry
Ending her ten year career before the cameras of the porn industry, Jenna Haze's last video appearance was in mid 2011. This event went somewhat unnoticed until Feb 7, 2012 when she officially announced her retirement.

January 2012

Getting up after a fall is an important tenet of skateboard progression Getting up after a fall is an important tenet of skateboard progression It can be embarrassing to bail when grinding the armrest of your couch, but you still have to scrape yourself up and try again. Practice makes perfect...

Thanks go to Kayden Kross for putting her heart into such an explicit demonstration.


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