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2014 Archive of Skateboard Blogs

Below is the archive of random skateboard thoughts that crossed my mind in 2014.

2014 Skate the Planet Skateboard Blog Archive

September 2014

After years of gnarly footage from the Pink Motel, Playboy softens it with a Playmate photo shoot Pink Motel I've seen a lot of vids from the Pink Motel, but none of them brought out the soft pastels quite like this Playboy photo shoot.

September 2014 cover of Playboy Three Playmates hop the fence at the Pink Motel in Los Angeles for a skate in the infamous pool. Watch Gemma Lee Farrell, Jaslyn Ome and Audrey Aleen Allen enjoy one of California's notorious skate spots.

The Pink Motel photo shoot is appears in the September 2014 issue of Playboy and they have an online gallery as well.

The video clip below is kind of fun, but this vid really needs more skating. Playmates are swell, but that pool need a full on sesh to accompany the gals.

Pink Motel photoshoot

July 2014

Lizzie Armanto took first in the Vans VanDoren Invitational Women's bowl contest Lizzie Armanto took first yesterday at the Van Doren Invitational Women's contest. Alanna Smith was on her heels in second and Julz Lynn snagged third.

Lizzie Armanto took first in the Vans VanDoren Invitational Women's bowl contest

Lizzie Armanto
Lizzie Armanto took first in the Vans VanDoren Invitational Women's bowl contest

June 2014

June 21 is the 1st day of Summer and Go Skateboarding Day is trending I love the whole idea behind "Go Skateboard Day" and that they chose the longest day of the year on which to celebrate it. Genius! To see it trending on Twitter today was Awesome! Below is a screen shot from our Twitter page.

I hope everyone gets out to ride hard and have an insanely great day!

Go Skateboarding Day is trending
Many cosplayers are gamers, but how many are also skaters? Ryuu Lavitz - Cosplayer, Skateboarder Ryuu Lavitz is the latest arrival on the cosplay scene with some really phenomenal costumes. In an age when the SciFi Channel airs a reality show, Heroes of Cosplay, one tends to realize that this is a growing hobby that is fast becoming a profession. Back in the day, who thought being a professional skateboarder would be possible. Times are always changing.

There's always been an artistic component to skateboarding. From skating itself to the many artistic endeavors led by it's most hardcore riders. Art finds it's way into all sorts of places. Check out Ryuu's cosplays on her Facebook page to see her artistic talents in cosplay.

It's very cool to find out she's a skater. Ryuu Lavitz - Cosplayer, Skateboarder

March 2014

Ollie Pop Retro Skateboarding game arrives for iOS and Android from 4DX Media Ollie Pop Retro Skateboarding Recently released app, Ollie Pop Retro Skateboarding takes an 8-bit skater and drops him into a Retina environment for a mash-up of retro and modern styles. 4DX Media created this free game for both iOS and Android. It's an infinite game in which you ollie till you drop, but you'll discover it's harder than it looks.

You have to ollie past various obstacles, but the power of your pop comes from holding your finger on the screen. Letting go starts your ollie. Getting the timing right to avoid touching any obstacles is easier said than done. Flappy Bird started a trend of easy-play high-difficulty games. Ollie Pop Retro Skateboarding fits that mold.

Give it a try - if nothing else it will help you kill time with an 8-bit skate theme. Gotta like that!

January 2014

Fashion designer narc'd renown skate art for his rollout at Fashion Week in NYC When "borrowing" someone's work and using it for you own gain, it's best to do so with a low profile. Jim Phillips created the iconic screaming hand graphic that has adorned skateboards and clothing for decades. Fashion designer Jeremy Scott didn't go so far as to "appropriate" the Screaming Hand, but he did use a few of Philips' renown works when he showed his line at Fashion Week in New York City. He has since issued an apology for his high profile rip-off.

Jeremy Scott's skate-similar offering for Fashion Week It's hard to imagine a fashion designer who wasn't familiar with Phillips' iconic designs and stranger still, that he thought he could pass them off as his own without notice. Some people's kids...


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