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Support your local skate shop! #sylss

Supporting your local skate shop is as simple as shopping there instead of discount box-stores and telling your friends to do the same. Skateboards can be purchased at box-stores and discounters for as little as $20, but do you think it's the same quality as the $90 complete at your local skate shop? Hell no! Big-Business box-stores only care about your money.

Your local skate shop cares about you as a customer and will ensure you get the very best products available as well as provide advice and resources for park planning, demos, contests and all sorts projects that enhance your local skate scene - projects that a discount store will never undertake.

#sylss is the hashtag to identify online posts about support for local skate shops.


1- Warning Labels for cheap inferior skateboard products

You've seen those crappy boards in box-stores. The $20 completes with Bratz or Ninja Turtles on them. Parents love a "great deal" but don't realize that these cheap boards will fail, break or fall apart in a matter of hours. Do you think parents like paying out the $500 (or more) deductible on their health insurance because they wanted to save $60 on a skateboard?

Go to our Warning Label page where you can download PDF files of each of our warning labels.

Cheap Ass skateboard warning lables 2

2- Don't Do It Army - walmart is not a skate shop

Birdo from Consolidated Skateboards devised a genius web site for combating big business in skateboarding. The "don't Do It" campaign really got people thinking about how and where they buy skateboards and equipment. Check out the Don't Do It Army web site where you can download a lot of great info and mayhem!

Consolicated Skateboards - Don't Do It Campaign 3

3- SYLSS Articles

Here are a few relevant skateboard articles about the industry showing that stupid people are everywhere. Skate manufacturers have said blanks hurt skateboarding. Then big businesses trying to cash in on skating's popularity is hurting skateboarding. Finally, consumers are lashed out at for not supporting skateboarding. WTF!


4- "Support Your Local Skate Shop" Flyers

To help spread the word we began creating Support Your Local Skate Shop, SYLSS flyers to leave in local skate shops and pretty much everywhere we go. I wanted to leverage & promote the message of the "Don't Do It Army" and began incorporating women in combat-fatigues to go along with the theme. That soon descended into hot chicks and SYLSS messages of various sorts. We got carried away and haven't stopped making them yet. You can see them all in our Support Your Local Skate Shop (SYLSS) flyers.

Video Rant about skateboarding

FYI- I don't own a skate shop and am not part of the skateboard industry. Like you, I skate and want to give back to those who put their blood sweat and tears into making skateboarding insanely awesome: Local Independent Skate Shops! They need support from us and everyone we know!


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