Support Your Local Skate Shop #SYLSS

Skateboard Warning Labels for Inferior Low-quality Skateboards - #sylss

SYLSS = Support Your Local Skate Shop!

We've all seen the cheap inferior skateboards for sale in discount stores, box-stores, toy stores, sporting goods stores, chain stores and malls. I feel sorry for all the clueless folks who buy them thinking they've bought a real skateboard. Those cheap boards can be dangerous! Shouldn't there be warning labels for these shoddy skateboard products? Well, now there are!

As your travels take you to these stores (no worries - we all shop at them sometimes), check out their toy departments and leave a few warning labels on the toy-skateboards. It'll be fun for you and educational for consumers, as well as annoying to the store manager. Sort of a win-win situation. Take pictures and don't get caught!

#sylss is the hashtag to identify online posts about supporting local skate shops.

Click on the image below to download a PDF file. Then cut out the 4 Warning Labels. Stopping by a Box-store, toy store, sporting goods store or the mall this weekend? Print out a bunch of "Warnings Labels" to leave for clueless skateboard shoppers.

Click the image below to download PDF of the Warning Label designs. #sylss

Cheap Ass skateboard warning lables

#sylss is the hashtag to identify online posts about supporting local skate shops.

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